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Acupuncture our chiropractic center in Prague performs belongs to methods of reflex therapy. About acupuncture – acupuncture Prague, chiropractic Prague Acupuncture operates by means of introducing needles into specific points on the body. This causes local irritation of the skin and tissue receptors. Acupuncture works by means of transmitting of impulses into the spinal cord and brain, which stimulates the formation of anti-inflammatory and pain-alleviating hormones. Acupuncture modifies perfusion of tissues, harmonizes muscle tension and improves the function of internal organs.

Acupuncture Prague - briefly about acupuncture

Acupuncture is used mainly in functional disorders before any substantial damage to organs develops, in diseases, the cause of which involve stressful situations. With regard to possible decrease in blood pressure during the session, acupuncture is performed on a lying patient.


  • does not replace medical care
  • aims to promote the healing processes and incite self-healing processes in the organism
  • by itself, it does not have the capacity to deteriorate the health condition
  • brings only minimal risk
  • At the beginning of therapy, it may accentuate symptoms of the disease, which is a positive reaction of the organism to treatment - symptoms of a latent disease may present

Acupuncture Prague - When acupuncture should not be performed

Acupuncture is not performed in:

  • acute infectious diseases and febrile conditions
  • pain of unclear origin, without established diagnosis
  • bleeding conditions, in case when medication to reduce blood clotting is used
  • cardiac and pulmonary insufficiency
  • organic kidney and/or heart diseases
  • pregnancy
  • menstruation – a relative contraindication to acupuncture (stimulation of certain acupuncture points can increase bleeding but, at the same time, some acupuncture points reduce the intensity of menstruation)

Ear acupuncture - auriculotherapy: acupuncture Prague

Ear acupuncture: by stimulating reflex points located in the auricle, pain of the spine and joints may be alleviated and muscle tone may be optimized. During ear acupuncture, miniature needles are inserted into the auricle; they are sealed with a transparent adhesive patch and may be left in for a few days. In the ear, acupuncture may modify the feeling of hunger and intensity of metabolism. During weight reduction programs, small needles are permanently inserted into certain areas. Ear acupuncture makes it easier to observe a diet; it may enhance “calorie burning” and prevent the yo-yo effect. Ear acupuncture uses also "anti-stress" points of the auricle, the stimulation of which is performed in case of mental overload and stress.
Price: 600CZK

Acupuncture - facelift: acupuncture Prague

Acupuncture, which we do here in Prague, uses insertion of fine needles into the subcutaneous tissue of the face.


  • improves perfusion of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
  • stimulates cellular metabolism
  • helps to smooth out wrinkles and brighten the skin
  • brings minimal risk to the face – a tiny bruise due to perforation of a subcutaneous capillary may be a complication
  • is not performed in pregnant women and during menstruation

Facelift – price list: acupuncture Prague

To smooth-out wrinkles, facial acupuncture is performed in 4-6 sessions every six months. It may be used as an alternative to botulinum toxin or filler administration or 1 month after botulinum toxin administration to wipe out minute wrinkles.

  • Price: 600 CZK (following session/s). A course of 6 sessions once every six months is recommended.

Detoxification treatment and ear acupuncture in combination with weight loss ...

We offer also Detoxification treatment and ear acupuncture in combination with weight loss and decrease in waist and thigh circumference. For those unable to lose weight, acupuncture offers a combination of detoxification treatment, ear acupuncture, and a special diet program with restricted calorie intake. By affecting hunger, acupuncture helps to follow a diet plan. For figure shaping we use flask vacuum massage, which improves skin and subcutaneous tissue perfusion, facilitates elimination of toxins from the body and improves blood and lymph circulation. Consequently the subcutaneous fibrous tissue gets firmer and the skin gets smoother. At the same time it is important to adhere to adequate water intake regimen.

Price 600CZK


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