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In the field of chiropractic, a number of professionals work with us:

Alena Kačinetzová, MD, professional curriculum vitae:

After concluding her studies at the Faculty of General Medicine at the Charles University, she passed in Internal Medicine with 1st Degree Honors and in Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy with 2nd Degree Honors and absolved a Chiropractic course. She is also certified in performing myoskeletal treatments. She gained her experience in rehabilitation at the Revmatological and Rehabilitation division at the Thomayerov Faculty Hospital in Prague, at a private clinic specializing in complex rehabilitation MONADA, where she practiced as a leading therapist. She practiced at the IKEM in Prague for three years as an ambulatory rehabilitation therapist and consultant for the clinics IKEM. She started her studies in Acupuncture with MUDr. Jiri Mark and simultaneously attended Chinese Medicine lectures in Prague organized by the Czechoslovakian Sinobiological Association. She passed her examination in Acupuncture at the Institution for Postgraduate Training for Doctors and Pharmacists.

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  • Chiropractic provided by our chiropractic center in Prague is a therapeutic discipline of physiotherapy.

MUDr. Alena Kačinetzová - chiropraktik tel. 604 358 244 průběhu prázdnin jsem zcela k dispozici svým dosavadním klientům a nepřijímám nové pacienty k chiropraxi, pouze k terapii kolagenovými injekcemi GUNA a CHONDROGRID.  S akutními obtížemi se obracejte na mé kolegy, kteří jsou k dispozici i ve večerních hodinách: Mgr.Bc. Eliška Vrátná, tel. 774 549 214,  Bc. Robert Charvát, tel. 731 409 513

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